Meet Our Bankruptcy Attorney Team

We are here to help you move forward! Before you make another financial decision, let’s talk. Our team can help you make informed decisions to keep your assets and make a plan for your financial future. We never charge for the initial consultation.

Nathaniel Thompson​

Nathaniel Thompson

Angie Sullivan​

Angie Sullivan

Angie Sullivan started paralegal work in bankruptcy law in 2008, and has been working for over ten years with Matt McCune. Having spent prior years in the banking and mortgage industry, Angie has a keen eye for injustices in the system. Bankruptcy law is unknown to many and she receives great satisfaction from helping to educate people on their rights that are available to them. Angie received a BA from the University of Northern Iowa. Angie is married with two cats and has a passion for supporting cat rescue groups. She also enjoys skiing and traveling with her husband.